How You Can Add Some Drama to Your Photos

It’s not easy to find that perfectly aesthetic shot while roaming around with your camera. Sometimes, a photographer has to create the shot in a way that makes something mundane look more interesting. Here are a few ways that you can add drama to your photos with ease:

  1. Slow That Shutter

You don’t always have to look for the sharpest photo. Sometimes, it helps to slow down your camera’s shutter speed and get some motion blur in your shot. A car driving by, or a person walking briskly can be turned into very interesting elements in a photo.



  1. Create Silhouettes

Other than looking really cool if done right, creating silhouettes can also save you from going home empty handed if your subject is backlit by the sun and you don’t have external lighting to balance the foreground.

  1. Change Your Perspective

You’d be surprised to find out how you can turn a typical, boring situation into something dynamic and interesting if you change your perspective. Taking a picture from up top or down below really makes things look much more interesting than they would otherwise seem.

  1. Get That Bokeh Going

Bokeh, or background defocusing, can really help make your subject pop in a busy environment. Not only that, it creates a lot of drama in photos if used correctly. Using a shallow depth of field to turn background lights into soft balls of lights, or make the cityscape melt away into something like a painting with your subject in sharp focus is one of the easiest ways to take aesthetically pleasing shots.