How to Take Amazing HDR Photos Quickly

HDR photography is a great way to take images that are well-exposed and detailed. An HDR photo is a combination of multiple images taken at different exposures. Combining different exposures means that the final shot has everything properly exposed, from the highlights to the shadows.

If you would like to take some great HDR photos yourself, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Take Multiple Photos

As mentioned before, you have to take more photos than one to combine into an HDR image. The more exposures you have of your scene, the more control you will have over what your final image looks like.

  1. Keep The Camera Steady

Consider using a tripod to make sure that all photos you take align perfectly with one another when you are merging them. Otherwise, you can run into issues while trying to combine your photos.

  1. Use a Dedicated HDR Editor

While you can create HDR photos in programs like Photoshop, it is recommended that you use a dedicated HDR editor. This will allow you to tweak your images much more easily and quickly. An editor that focuses solely on HDR photography will also have a much more streamlined interface so you’ll be able to work much quicker. Aurora HDR is one of the best such editors you can use, combining professional-grade features with an easy to use interface. You can visit to download a trial as well as read about its features in more detail.


Follow these tips and you’ll see how easy it actually is to take some very good HDR shots. The process highly depends on what editor you use, so be sure to try a few before settling on one.